PARC Webinar Series - 2022

Monday December 5, 2022: Multi-stakeholder Design Partnerships to Stimulate Effective Rehabilitation Technologies
Monday November 7, 2022: Post-pandemic developments in telerehabilitation
Monday September 12, 2022: Lower limb muscle synergies during gait in the paediatric rehabilitation population: from theory to implementation
Monday July 11, 2022: Brain Computer Interfaces and Innovative Applications
Monday June 7, 2022: Pediatric Feeding Rehabilitation tools – new tricks for old dogs
Monday May 2, 2022: Innovations in lower limb lengthening: Surgical and rehabilitation aspects
Monday April 4, 2022: Simulation, Virtual Reality and Knowledge Translation
Monday March 7, 2022: Pediatric rehabilitation and pain management
Monday February 7, 2022: Functioning of the cardiac autonomic control system in the paediatric population with a brain injury: Clinical manifestation and implications for clinical practice
Monday January 10, 2022: Novel neurological interventions for children